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Biogenics has a growing range of pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products. The combined product range totals 16 currently (not including SKUs) with the expectation of taking to 20 in 2012. Biogenics plans to rapidly increase its sales volume in order to become a familiar name in every household in Pakistan. At the same time, Biogenics is trying to make headway into the international market, already finding success in Afghanistan and the Mid-East.

All of Biogenics' products conform to the company's mission of providing, "World-Class Products at Affordable Prices."

Led by qualified professionals, Biogenics' products conform to all international standards of GMP and are the best amongst the competiton in terms of quality.

In a world where the purchasing power of consumers is on a decline, Biogenics products provide a value-added, quality-conscious and affordable proposition. This is why many of its brands like Helezol, Fibrocol and Calnox have become so successful in their segments.

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