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Biogenics started out as Pakistan's first contract marketing firm with agreements with reputed multi-nationals like Novartis, Abbott and Sanofi. Today, Biogenics has a strong and growing line of its own pharmaceutical products. A list of our brands can be found on the Products- Pharmaceuticals page. Some of our popular pharma brands include Helezol capsules (Omeprazol 20mg, 40mg), Angiocard-SR capsules (Nitroglycerin 2.5mg, 6.5mg) and Fibrocol (psyllium husk + wheat bran).

Biogenics pharma division is divided into two sales teams, Healers and Pacers. A marketing manager with a team  of product managers is in-charge of the marketing duties of all products. The sales team is managed by a national sales manager, with regional managers looking after different regions.   

Biogenics has its pharma products manufactured at different well-reputed pharmaceutical companies around Pakistan, including Focus in Rulz in Islamabad and Epla Labs Int. in Karachi.

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